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Who are we?

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Group Courier Express Companies VIVA XPRESS LOGISTICS

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VIVA XPRESS LOGISTICS, your dedicated Partner!


VIVA XPRESS LOGISTICS is the alternative you are looking for, to send your international and national express documents or packages.


As a part of a worldwide network of 60 Agents/Stations, VIVA XPRESS LOGISTICS offers you a very attractive structure specialised in express courier and packages deliveries, a complete worldwide service with the best delivery times and tariffs!


The VIVA XPRESS LOGISTICS network is based on know-how sharing and partnership with local specialised agencies or international integrators; this combination provides to our Customers an unique quality level.


Shortest delivery times and a true dedication to our Customers is a competitive cocktail that makes VIVA XPRESS LOGISTICS a leader in his market; we have solutions to all your logistic and transportation needs: warehousing, express services, road and air cargo, mailing and remailing!


Our Customer Service has an incomparable "VIVA" touch that will not let you indifferent as you will really feel that we really care about your needs.


Our tariffs are attractive and very competitive, knowing that we provide all web and internet services like track and trace, HAWB entry, pick up order, quotation test, thanks to our exclusive software "Orbitrax" and the next version to come "Orbitrax.net".


We hope you will enjoy the visit of our website and we look forward to know you; why not for your very next shipment?


Nobody Xpresses It Better!

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